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The ECM PHP (Emergency Centre Management-PreHospital Practitioner) course is presented by an Emergency Medicine Specialist. The course has been designed specifically with the prehospital setting in mind. Many guidelines and Emergency Medicine courses focus on hospital care where there is easy availability of advanced investigations and specialist support. This is often not the case outside of the hospital. The course covers the early care of major emergencies, but also focuses on the more minor acute conditions which can be managed completely in the outpatient/occupational health setting. The course has been designed to assist both nurses and doctors to improve their emergency care.

The course consists of online videos which are broken up into 20 topics. A video can be paused at any point and your progress will be tracked by the site. This will allow you to complete the course at times that suit you. The course can be completed on any device, including a cellphone. Once you have completed the 18 hours of videos you will earn 20 CPD points. There are no assignments or tests required.

Occupational Health Doctors who are interested in advancing their Emergency care or who are interested in completing their DipPEC can also consider the ECM MP course. The ECM MP course has been designed specifically for Doctors who work in an Emergency Centre or Casualty. The focus is to equip Emergency Centre Doctors with all the knowledge and skills to manage any patient that presents to a busy Emergency Centre/Casualty. You will be trained on the specific skills and procedures needed to manage the most minor to the most major presentations. The course has also been designed to assist those who are interested in completing a Diploma in Emergency care (DipPEC). Do note that further study will be required beyond what is taught in the course but it will assist you in your preparations. The ECM MP course consists of 30 topics which can be watched on any device. Your progress will be tracked by the site so a video can be paused at any point and continued from where you left off. On completion of each section you will be required to complete 5 MCQs before continuing onto the next topic. Once you have completed all the topics and the MCQs you will have earned 30 CPD points.